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Innovative Immunotherapy Treatments



HS Pharma

HS Pharma is focused on the development of novel therapeutics centered on a family of non-toxic, silicate-based molecules that facilitate the body’s immune system to attack cancer and cancerous cells while also promoting dramatic healing of complex/infected wounds and burns.


HS-7, our IV-administered new drug candidate, contains a precisely-tailored form of silica that rapidly elicits immune-adjuvant activity, but is then resorbed into benign (e.g. essential) metabolites for side-effect free therapy; from a patient cost perspective, we have the ability to deliver a significantly more affordable treatment option.

Complex/Infected Wounds & Burns

HS-X, our innovative topically-administered new drug candidate, has the unique ability to promote the rapid healing of complex/infected wounds and burns while also dramatically minimizing scar formation.  The HS-X ointment activates a localized immune response to the wounds site, clears foreign pathogens and rapidly accelerates healing.